Fancy yourself a bourbon hunter?

Help us spread the bourbon word and snag FREE Holladay swag all November long! (MUST BE 21+) Must be prepared to send a copy of your photo ID.

Instagram rules:

  • Take a photo IN A STORE of Holladay Bourbon! – It can be a photo of ANY Holladay bourbon. (Ben Holladay Bourbon, Soft Red Wheat, and/or *Rickhouse Proof)
  • Post it to your grid. – Include the name/location of the store. Use hashtags: #holladaybourbonhunt #tagforswag
  • Once you’ve posted, we’re going to need your details to send you the swag.
    Please email bourbonhunt@holladay.com. Include: Your name. Your mailing address. A pic of your photo ID.

If you “hunted” multiple times, please include screenshots of your posts – you will earn extra swag! We’re talking tees, hats, koozies, glassware, etc!

Did you catch that?
You can “hunt” multiple times to collect more swag! But each hunt needs to be posted separately – with each location having it’s own post. Each post earns swag. (You can enter up to 5 times)

*Bonus points for finding Rickhouse Proof