Distilled: Fall 2016

Floor 7: 0%
Floor 6: 0%
Floor 5: 14%
Floor 4: 0%
Floor 3: 24%
Floor 2: 62%
Floor 1: 0%

Bottled: November 29, 2022

58.25 ALC./VOL.
116.5 (PROOF)

Final Notes:

If you read through my notes on the November bottling, you may recall we had a crazy idea to bottle part of that batch at full-proof. We set aside a small amount of the blend that was chosen for Ben Holladay Bourbon that month to be bottled at its original proof – 116.4. Ben Holladay Bourbon is traditionally bottled at 100 proof which is one of the requirements to be classified as a bottled-in-bond product. Ben Holladay Rickhouse Proof Bourbon is Ben Holladay Bourbon in its original form, straight out of the barrel.
When I pull samples of bourbon, I am always tasting at full-proof. It’s special to be able to share this batch in its original state just as I would taste in the rickhouse. A higher-proof bourbon can sometimes steer people away from trying it because of the increased alcohol content. In this case, even with a higher proof, the flavor of the bourbon is more robust and complex than what you would taste at a lower proof. If you’re curious, I highly recommend sampling Ben Holladay Bottled-in-Bond and Rickhouse Proof side by side to experience the comparison firsthand. 
We sold out of this batch onsite at the distillery within hours, but plan to offer a limited release of Rickhouse Proof each month that we bottle Ben Holladay Bourbon. For now, Rickhouse Proof can be found exclusively at the Holladay Distillery and is very special to us.