Distilled: Fall 2016

Floor 1: 0%
Floor 2: 27%
Floor 3: 55%
Floor 4: 0%
Floor 5: 18%
Floor 6: 0%
Floor 7: 0%

Bottled: October 20, 2022

Final Notes:

This month is the first time we’ve gotten to use a full blend from the 2016 fall distillation season. Before, all of the other bottlings came from the spring of 2016. This batch is interesting because it includes barrels from a couple of floors we haven’t pulled from before. The barrels were pulled from floors two, three, and five. In previous releases, we were restricted to floors one and five with barrels of age in the same distillation season.
I was aiming for more complexity in this one. The characteristics in this batch are more diverse and became more obvious as I played with different ratios. I landed on 27% from the second floor, 55% from the third, and 18% from the fifth. 
One specific component I dialed in on was the finish. At first, I thought it was a relatively short finish, but the more I tasted it and played with it, the more I realized the final blend did offer the long finish I look for.
This bottling is really special to me because I have a personal connection to the third floor. Every year around Father’s Day, I go up to the third floor (specifically rick 6 tier 3) because there is a barrel from the exact date my son was born. I have sampled this floor quite a bit and knew the bourbon was aging nicely. I’ll be saving that barrel for something special down the line.